Thursday, November 19, 2009

The White Beauty Myth

So a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this documentary on WSHH that kinda caught my attention. First of all any body who really knows me knows that I'm always interested in things race related especially when it has something to do with my people. This particular video, however,was a little troubling to me. Here we have three different people, all of different ethnic backgrounds who through one way or another wish to be more white. The one that hit home the most for me of course was the black woman. She basically equated all of her black features(wide nose andHAIR) to being low class, dirty, and ugly.Throughout the video all she kept saying is how she wanted a more "European look" so that she could fit into her more "European lifestyle".She felt that by getting a fckin nose job that all her problems as a BLACK WOMAN would be somehow magically wiped away with this WHITER, MORE BETTER NOSE!!I could rant on and on about how ridiculous and sad this video was...but I'm not. What i will say is I think its crazy that so many people feed into this euro centric idea of beauty. Then they turn around and conform to it. If you feel so bad about being put down because of your race why in the hell would u buy into it? Ur only passing on this self hate. Why change your nose, why bleach your skin, why? No matter what you do there will always be something else holding u back. U know what I say? I say fck any and everybody who tells me that there is something wrong with my kinky hair or my wide nose and full lips.Why the hell would I run myself broke and crazy by attempting to get a nose that the creator gave someone else when he/she equally gave me my own damn nose. I think its time that people start making there own definitions of what beauty is. Why would everybody wanna be the same? Why not celebrate the things that make us different...the things that make us beautiful and unique. is the video. It is a bit graphic. I had to turn my face away from the screen during these procedures

I also caught another episode of it today.This one is slightly different but it still deals with people feeling the need to conform to a more western or European look.

Unlike the first video I can somewhat empathize with the black woman in this video. I have a cousin who underwent the breast reduction surgery and just like this woman she had very large breast. My cousin decided to do it because she was having very bad back pains. However I don't understand why this lady kept mentioning Victoria Beckham. Honey both of u are at opposite extremes in the looks department. You will never look like her. There isn't enough plastic surgery in the world sweetheart. Be content with the reduction and happy with the life the creator gave you.


Camille said...

Great first post! I'm excited to see what becomes of your blog!