Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Suitemates from Hell!!!!

I absolutely hate living with other people....especially when the people I live with are absolute fckin pigs!! Growing up I used to hate when my mother made us wake up early every Saturday to clean up the house. I was convinced that every Friday night a demon took control of her body just to terrorize me and my sister the next morning.I was convinced that I was suffering a cruel and unusual punishment since nobody else I knew had to endure this every freakin weekend.While everybody looked forward to sleeping in late on their weekends I was dreading waking up to the smell of bleach and a deranged high yella black woman hovering over my bed.It wasn't til I moved out that I began to appreciate what my mother was trying to instill in me. This basic principle that I like to call "GET YO ASS UP CUZ U AINT GOT NO DAMN MAID SERVICE ROUND HERE" is a lesson that I think all kids(especially girls) should learn growing up. Maybe if my suitemates parents taught this course at home I wouldnt be here fuming over how nasty these heffas are.Not only have I been cleaning up after 3 other chicks but I have also had to add one of their boyfriends to the list of nasty ass kids. I don't understand how u cannot see the garbage spilling over or all the shit in the sink. I'm guessing when u got yo stankin ass up off the toilet seat you forgot that the little handle stickin' off to the side was there for you to FLUSH!!!Like really?? Did i miss the "dirty is the new clean" memo??

So yesterday I cleaned up everything(as usual)and posted this nice little note on the door. It reads as follows:

"Your habits are a reflection of you.... CLEAN UP AND PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!

I also took the liberty of including a little picture of a maid with a caption that read "unfortunately we don't have one of these".
Lets just say that they were not to happy about that and we ended up having a house meeting because apparently some people's feelings were hurt(not that I care). So basically we now have a rotating schedule for cleaning. Lets see how long this last.
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Anywho...tomorrow is my last day here before thanksgiving break.THANK U GOD!!!!! I get a break from this boring ass school and these nasty heffas(yea i said it...again)for a few days.Lord knows I need a break!!!