Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nappiversary cont'd

So this Sunday I made a post about celebrating my one year anniversary of going natural. The internet connection that i was using[stealing] was acting super crazy so I couldn't really load pictures and things. So without further or do here is my journey to natural land.......

I'm gonna take a guess and say that I was about 5 years old in this picture. My hair was very thick and healthy at this point. Aint I just the cutest lil thing???

My hair was natural up until about eleven years old when my mother decided it would be easier to manage with a relaxer.The relaxer never really took so I always had to flat iron to get it straight. All it basically did was loosen the curl. I think that was my hairs way of telling me that it was never meant to be straight.

The next five pictures are me in high school(15 years old). As you can see my hair never really looked "relaxed".However it did start to break off at the ends from a combination of the relaxer and me pretty much not doing anything to it other than ponytails.

In 2006 i got a little bored with my hair and decided to sport a short cut. It was still relaxed but super cute. Here it is...

This is prom...same haircut but with added extensions.

I absolutely adored this haircut, but after three years I realized it was time for it to GO!! I always got asked what I would do with my hair after i got tired of my short cut. My reply was always "cut it all off and start over", but who have thought that's what I would actually do. At first I was a little skeptical because I didn't really know what I would do with it once it started to grow out. Just like before I really had no idea what to do with my hair other than throw it in a ponytail. Even with all the uncertainty I took a chance and decided to do the big chop. So on February 7, 2009 I went to Natural Trendsetters Hair Salon and had them chop it all off!!

These pictures are all within a two months range.

Man I miss my nose ring!!

Going natural has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made. People always say "its just hair" but going natural really did spill over into other areas in my life. I began to eat better, take better care of my body, my whole attitude changed about a lot of things. For once I felt like ME!!!....I wasn't hiding behind anything....I felt naked but in a good way...I felt free....liberated!!! It hasn't always been easy but I don't regret it one bit. In the beginning I was afraid of what people would say or think but I had to let all those things go and worry about how I felt...because in the end that's whats important. When i began to see that I was beautiful just the way I was others began to see it too. Yes I've gotten a few negative comments but they don't move me AT ALL. I'm exceptionally pleased with the person that I am so there is really nothing anybody can say to make me second guess my decision. I LOVEEEEEEE ME!!!! lol

Its been a whole year later and I am almost shocked at how much my hair has grown. Without the help of the natural online community I would have been a total wreck. In fact, I don't even think I would still be natural if it weren't for all the encouraging YouTube videos and natural hair blogs that were created to assist women in their journey. I just hope that I can be a source of encouragement to other women grappling with the decision to go natural.



Happy Birthday Hair.........you are amazing!!!!